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  1. Digar
    On April 20, , the oil drilling rig Deepwater Horizon, operating in the Macondo Prospect in the Gulf of Mexico, exploded and sank resulting in the death of 11 workers on the Deepwater Horizon and the largest spill of oil in the history of marine oil drilling operations. 4 million barrels of oil flowed from the damaged Macondo well over an day period, before it was finally capped on July.
  2. Tojaramar
    2 days ago · Oil spills have the potential to affect children in many ways. The child might come into direct contact with the oil by touching it, inhaling it, or ingesting it. Direct exposure to oil.
  3. Kirr
    Oil Spills Prevention and Preparedness Regulations One of EPA’s top priorities is to prevent, prepare for, and respond to oil spills that occur in and around inland waters of the United States. EPA is the lead federal response agency for oil spills occurring in inland waters.
  4. Mitaxe
    The Mingbulak (or Fergana Valley) Oil Spill () The largest land-based oil spill in history, and Asia’s worst oil spill, occurred in Uzbekistan on March 2, A blowout at a well spewed oil into the valley near the city of Fergana. The oil caught fire and burned for .
  5. Mutilar
    Jul 16,  · The U.N. environment chief said Wednesday that "time is running out" to avert an environmental, economic and humanitarian catastrophe from a deteriorating oil tanker loaded with million barrels.
  6. Maunos
    Oil spills are one of the worst environmental disasters. Spilled or leaked oil can contaminate water, making it unsafe for animals and humans who live near the accident. Luckily, scientists have figured out ways to help reverse some of the effects of a spill. There are also ways to help prevent such disasters from happening in the future.
  7. Nikoktilar
    22 rows · Jun 10,  · Oil spill, leakage of petroleum onto the surface of a large body of water. .
  8. Vishicage
    Approximately 3 million gallons of oil or refined petroleum products are spilled into U.S. waters every year. Oil dispersants (chemical agents such as surfactants, solvents, and other compounds) are used to reduce the effect of oil spills by changing the chemical and physical properties of the oil.
  9. Kelkree
    Oil spills are harmful to marine birds and mammals as well as fish and shellfish. Following an oil spill, there are specialists and veterinarians to deal with oiled wildlife. These experts are trained on how to clean oil from animals, rehabilitate them, and return them to the environment.

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