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  1. Vudoshicage
    "Star Trek: The Original Series" Operation - Annihilate! (TV Episode ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.
  2. Tojashura
    Annihilate is the best laxogenin supplement on the market. It is designed to help athletes take their performance to the next level. Athletes that have taken Annihilate have experienced increased lean muscle mass, muscle hardening effects, and enhanced recovery. It’s also great for .
  3. Tojagami
    Apr 13,  · Directed by Herschel Daugherty. With William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan. The Enterprise crew attempts to stop a plague of amoeba-like creatures from possessing human hosts and spreading throughout the galaxy/10(K).
  4. Akirisar
    To annihilate something means to destroy it completely. There are lots of ways of annihilating the planet. [ VERB noun ] The Army was annihilated.
  5. Grobei
    Our presence bestows not being on it: our absence does not annihilate it. She can create and annihilate, and dispose at pleasure her woods, her rocks, and her rivers. At such times, Mr. Quinn felt as if he could annihilate an Englishman. He tried to close his senses, to subdue and annihilate them.
  6. Vigore
    Kill, destroy, obliterate, decimate, eradicate, smash, crush, beat the living shit out of all good examples of annihilation, must I say more?
  7. Tolkree
    At Annihilare, we are ushering in a new generation of clean. We promote healthy environments for all people with our cutting-edge technology, and our EPA registered and Green Seal™ certified cleaners and disinfectants. We provide a comprehensive approach in fighting germs, while improving indoor air quality.
  8. Kigalar
    annihilate - kill in large numbers; "the plague wiped out an entire population" eradicate, decimate, wipe out, carry off, eliminate, extinguish decimate - kill one in every ten, as of mutineers in Roman armies.
  9. Jukasa
    Killing ends when the thing you are killing (your sworn enemy, all hope, a pesky mosquito) is dead. Annihilate goes farther—when you annihilate something, you wipe all trace of it from the earth. You kill a person, but you annihilate a tribe, a town, or even a species.

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